The History of Colbert County
After the War of Northern Aggression, Colbert County was formed from the Northern part of Franklin County, in February 1867, but was abolished later that same year. It was reestablished February 1870. There was a vote of the people to decide whether Tuscumbia or Cherokee would be the County Seat. Tuscumbia, being more centrally located was chosen and has remained the County Seat. It was in 1870 that an election of County Government was called for. I am most pleased and honored, that my Great Great Great Grandfather, Trimigan Washington Thompson was elected one of the first County commissioners of Colbert County.

Colbert County is in the Northwest corner of the great state of Alabama. The entire County is bordered to the North with the beautiful Tennessee River. A four-lane highway runs east and west through the entire County. Colbert County is the birthplace for many great Americans. One of the most recognized is Helen Keller. We would love to have you come visit our County for a day, week or you could just move here. We have one of the lowest tax rates in the State and Country and I am sure you will be pleased here.

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